Sunprinting in Hatsala classical school 7:th class

Our textile class made sun printing using white cotton, color solutions(different colors), leaves and buttons.

1 sun printing

1. First you have to put color solution to the cotton piece.

2 sun printing

2. After that you have to put leaves on the top of the fabric (in this picture buttons)
3. Put the piece of the fabric near window to get sunlight.

3 sun printing
4. After one week printing is ready. Parts of the cotton which have been covered are totally different, you can see the structure of leaves clearly.


Our textilework class made a sundecoration to the teachersroom window. It was made using very old technigue and it´s made of coloured linen.

a pillow which was also made in our textileclass with sunprinting


printing textile, that our teachers made after the schoolday to our school to give days more colour and sun