Finland: Building a horizontal sundial

Hatsala klassillinen school built a horizontal sundial during the winter. Two teachers and several students worked around the project for several days. The process began with a research where we gathered some information and tips for the building process. We found out that one sundial does not work everywhere. Therefore we made it to work in Kuopio.

The sundial is made out of wood. Wood was an easy choice because it is ecological and easy to work with. First we made the pieces that we needed. After the pieces where ready we painted them so that the result would be as beautiful as possible. After the painting we installed the pieces together. This was made during the winter time. Because the winter in Finland is so long we had to wait for several months to actually install the sundial. The installation happened on 1.6.2016 at 11.00.

2 sundial

The clock has now been at the school yard for few days and we can say that it works perfectly. It is visually good looking and it shows what time it is.

The process was very fun and we would do it again anytime!